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Busy Week Two in Music City (6/27-7/3)

Last Minute Plans can be the best nights

Sometime Sunday afternoon, I was on twitter and one of the people I talk to told me I should go see a singer/songwriter who was performing at 12th & Porter (a bar) on Monday night, her name is Jenn Bostic (and let me tell you, if you haven't heard her sing, go to YouTube and listen...but I'll do y'all afavor and post a few video clips in here).  Monday I started my training on the morning show, therefore Monday-Wednesday I had to be at work at 2:30am.  Going out on a Monday night might prove a little difficult.  In order to manage, I forced myself to take a nap when I got home from work at 11am.  I was only able to get about 2-3 hours in before maintenance showed up but hey it was something.

Jenn Bostic
 My friend who lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama was planning on coming up to Nashville Monday for a visit so I asked her if she would like to go listen to Jenn and the other people performing that night (4 in all).  She said sure, so I called the bar to make sure we could buy tickets at the door (the website said $8 - and that was for all 4 performers - but when we got there the guy at the door only charged us $4: SCORE!)  The concert was technically a Natalie Stovall concert and Jenn Bostic, Julie
Natalie Stovall & band
Roberts, and Jeff Allan were all performing as well.  Jenn was first and blew me away! I had heard about her from following Kristin Chenoweth on twitter, a few weeks back Kristin tweeted that if you like Sara Bareilles, check out Jenn it turns out she was right, this girl is amazing.  But Natalie Stovall was really incredible too! The girl plays the fiddle like no one's business, she played "Devil Went Down to Georgia" and it was good! (that's a tough song).  Jeff Allan's songs were great (he played with Natalie's band).  Julie Roberts was battling laryngitis so she was a little off but still not terrible.  Natalie closed her set with a mash-up of 80's cover songs and it was crazy awesome! I didn't make it home until about midnight so I decided it was pointless to go to sleep so I just stayed up till I had to be at work on Tuesday at 2:30am...Let's just say Tuesday was a coffee day :-)

Here are some Jenn Bostic and Natalie Stovall youtube clips from their personal channels(none of these videos are from the night I was there):

Jenn Bostic's music video for "Jealous of the Angels"

Jenn Bostic's "Missing a Man"

Natalie Stovall "Devil Went Down to Georgia"

Natalie playing rock medley on fiddle at a concert in Chicago

Natalie Stovall original "Standing my Ground"


cupcake w my Cars2 juice box
So after all that awesome fun I had on Monday night, Tuesday was a very sleepy day for me at work, but I soldiered on and when I got home my friend (from Alabama) was getting ready to go visit our friend who lives in Spring Hill (about 30 min south of me).  I asked her if she would take Riley with her to play with their dog, Harper, so I could sleep without having to listen to Riley barking at things.  So Stephanie (my friend from Alabama) took Riley and went down to Laurie's house in Spring Hill.  I laid down and slept for most of the afternoon and it was great.  Woke up around 5:30 and drove down to Spring Hill to meet up with them and have dinner.  We just got bdubs but it was still good and then the 5 of us (Me, Steph, Laurie, Anthony - Laurie's husband, and Annie - Laurie's daughter) all had a Gigi's cupcake - If you are not lucky enough to have a Gigi's cupcakes where you live, I'm sorry but if you ever come visit me I will gladly take you to get one :) They're kind of hard to eat because they put so much frosting on them but who doesn't love frosting?  When Steph and I got back to my place we put on Anchorman and fell asleep in the living room, but don't worry I set my alarm and made it up for work on Wednesday.

Wednesday was my Friday this week and I was very excited to have a few days off work.  Things were going well and I was getting very comfortable learning the system but needed to sleep!  But sleep would have to wait because I had plans on Wednesday night!  Nashville Scene (a magazine with local events and stuff in it - Cleveland has a similar magazine called Cleveland Scene) was sponsoring an event called Movies in the Park and this week they were showing "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" at
Chillin' on our polar bear blanket
Centennial Park near Vanderbilt's campus.  One of the main reasons I wanted to go to the movie was because one of the food vendors happened to be The Grilled Cheeserie, a food truck in Nashville that serves, you guessed it, grilled cheese.  However I laid down for a nap and didn't drive over to the park until about 6:45pm, after driving and parking and walking I got to the location shortly after 7 (the movie didn't start till the sun went down sometime after 8).  Oh yeah did I forget to mention I brought Riley with me?  Well Riley and I grabbed our blanket and got to the location and started to wait in line for a grilled cheese.  Riley of course wanted to socialize with everyone and eat anything he could find on the ground but for the most part he was behaved.  Well after standing in line for about 10 minutes or so, someone came out and said they were out of bread - that's the end of that, can't have a grilled cheese without bread so no Grilled Cheeserie for me that night, had to settle for chicken nachos from Moe's Southwest Grill (which I've been to in the past, there was one in Lafayette, IN).  I had to contain Riley for a while during the movie, especially when a little girl on the blanket next to us kept trying to give him food.  In retrospect the only thing that would have made the night better was if I had brought a pillow.  Nice relaxing night, watching a movie outside with the dog, and the girls sitting behind me loved Riley so they gave him plenty of attention.

Thursday I wen to the DMV and officially traded in my Ohio drivers license for a Tennessee one, I had to do it quick because it expires on my birthday which is fast approaching.  After the 2 hour ordeal at the DMV I went to grab lunch at Firehouse Subs.  I had seen this franchise when I was interviewing in South Carolina a few years back but never tried it.  Overall, the sub was good but it's kind of pricey (ala Jersey Mike's).  They have Cherry Limeade but it's no where near as good as Sonic!  Hit up Publix (grocery store) after since I had not yet been grocery shopping and had been here almost 2 full weeks but thanks to my friends Laurie and Steph who as a welcoming present gave me some money to buy groceries, I decided I should go.  I've since decided that I will no longer be shopping at Publix as it is more expensive than Kroger.

Saturday was yet another last minute decision to do something day.  I had to work in the morning from 4:30-8:30am.  At night at Vanderbilt's football stadium, U2 was performing (along with Florence and the Machine).  Laurie suggested I go to Centennial Park, I should be able to hear it.  That was the plan the whole day.  After I got out of work and took a nap I was no longer sure I wanted to go, it was very hot and sticky outside and I wasn't sure I wanted to sit outside.  However I had talked up going to Pinkberry all day (if you've never heard of the awesomeness that is Pinkberry I'm sorry, bet your butt to one it's great!), and Pinkberry is also on Vanderbilt's campus.  I decided I would at least drive over there and get the fro-yo.  As I was driving down West End Ave., I rolled down my window and could very clearly hear Florence and the Machine playing.  That was it I decided I needed to eat my yogurt and go to the park and listen.  I parked my car WAY in the back of the park and walked up to the front and sat on the stone wall facing the stadium.  U2 didn't start for about another 45 minutes but when they did, I could hear the concert perfectly! What a brilliant idea, free concert, not to mention that where I was sitting I could also see the Jumbotron inside the stadium!  I listened to the entire concert, despite the fact that I had to work at 4:30am the next day.  It was a genius idea and I'm glad I decided to go hear a "free" concert!

Here are a few pics I took at the U2 "concert"

That tall spire is part of U2's set
Centennial Park, view of Parthenon

That pretty much sums up week 2 in Nashville, stay tuned for week 3 of adventures, including one of the best 4th of July fireworks displays I've ever seen! I'll share video and audio and pictures (oh my!)

Food During Week 2: GiGi's Cupcakes, Moe's Southwest Grill, Firehouse Subs, Pinkberry (granted I'd been to all but Firehouse before)
Bars/Music during week 2: 12th & Porter

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