Friday, July 29, 2011

Lots of Music and Ear Issues

Woke up for work on Saturday after getting probably my first consecutive 8 hours of sleep since I moved here! I honestly don't think I will ever sleep properly because there is way too much I want to do here on a nightly basis for me not to nap and stay up late.

red velvet cake pop
Saturday evening I went to Casablanca Coffee down in the Gulch to hear Jenn Bostic perform again.  She was partaking in a singer/songwriter night along with Briana Tyson, Jamie Morgan and Richard Jordan.  Jamie Morgan and Richard Morgan's music was more Christian music but was still very good.  I had probably the strongest iced mocha i've ever had there (I'm pretty sure they made it a double even though I don't remember asking them to).  However I somehow missed that the special coffee of the day was a red velvet mocha, I so wish I had known that I would have tried it!  I also discovered the Nashville Cake Pop Company! they sell their products at this coffee shop.  I bought a Red Velvet flavored one but they also had peanut butter cup - next time. 

Briana Tyson
Jamie Morgan

Richard Jordan and Jenn Bostic
Here are some videos of the performances the rest of course are on my YouTube page:

So Sunday was terrible! I woke up at 3am for work after only a few hours of sleep, since I went out the night before, with a terrible ringing in my ears and also dulled/muffled hearing in my left ear.  After my shift I went to Target to get some Hydrogen Peroxide on my mom's suggestion that it would help if I had a wax buildup.  I put a few drops in and laid down to watch the U.S./Japan soccer game which we ended up losing on penalty kicks! I then took a nap hoping to wake up and it would be all better.  It was no better when I woke from my name.  I had tweeted about my ear pain and Kristin Chenoweth, who suffers from Meneire's disease (an inner ear disorder) suggested that I try a nasal rinse.  I drove to Walgreens and bought a nasal cleanse kit plus a nasal decongestant and ear droppers (b/c getting that peroxide in otherwise was not working).

On my way home I stopped at a place similar to Pinkberry called Sweet CeCe's for some frozen yogurt.  I got snickerdoodle flavor (and yes it tasted exactly like the cookie) and added chocolate chips, sprinkles, peanut butter cups, strawberries and cherries.  With it being National Ice Cream Day that day it was very fitting and very delicious!

After I got home I tried the nasal rinse, and man if you have never done one - it's a strange feeling.  I put in more peroxide in my ears and took a decongestant and prayed that when I woke up Monday it would feel better if not I was calling a doctor.

Monday came and I did not feel better so I mad an appointment to see and ENT doctor, but the earliest I could get in was the following Monday!  Not to mention I was having issues getting my insurance information so I wouldn't have been able to get in earlier anyway b/c I didn't have an insurance number yet.

Tuesday was the same, still had the ringing and the muffled hearing in my ear.

Luke Bryan
Wednesday was back to work for the week and still had the ear issues.  On the plus side on the news that morning I learned the Luke Bryan was doing a free concert at the Opry that evening.  After my news I immediately went online and got a ticket to see the show.  I went home and took a nap and drove out to the Opry.  Doors opened at 7pm, I got there a little after 7, the seating was 1st come first serve type of deal so the line was crazy long and it was super HOT outside! I should have just waited and come a little later cause I didn't care about being close, I would have sat around the same spot whether I waited in the line or not.  Either way I had to kill some time inside so I bought some Moosehead Kettle Corn (a local company) and a diet coke and sat down in the balcony and relaxed till the show.  The show was sponsored by Samsung and also the Jimmy Kimmel Show apparently.  They said part of the show was going to be on the Jimmy Kimmel show but I set my DVR for the show that night and didn't see it unless it aired the next night in which case I did not set my DVR for that night.  I chose to wear ear plugs so as to keep my ears from getting more damaged.  The concert was really good though! and of course I'll put some videos in here and the rest can be found on my YouTube page!

Food: Casablanca Coffee, Nashville Cake Pop Co., Sweet CeCe's, Moosehead Kettle Corn (all junk food)
Bars/Music: Casablanca Coffee, The Grand Ole Opry House 

Side note check out the speed limit in the parking lot at Opry Mills:

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