Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Quiet Two Days

Friday I got my very first paycheck (3 weeks worth) so that made me smile (however it was strange that they took out taxes for the state of Ohio on it, supposedly it's fixed and I might get reimbursed for it since I had my address as TN since 6/30).  However, there was an issue when I deposited the check in the bank, they made an error and shorted me $1,000!  It took me till Tuesday to get the money back in my account!  Friday I also took advantage of more free birthday stuff and got a free scoop of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Saturday was my first time working my entire shift (which is a split shift: 4:30am-10:30am then a break then back from 2:30pm-5:30pm). It's kind of a pain in the butt shift but what can I do.  For lunch I took advantage of yet another freebie (this one was just for signing up for the email list though not for my birthday), I got a free bagel w cream cheese from Bruegger's Bagels (everything bagel with honey almond cream cheese, yummy!).  After lunch I went home and laid around before going back in and directing my first 5pm Saturday news, despite never having even sat in with someone on that show before (it went fine).

After my shift I needed to run some errands at Nashville West.  I had a coupon for Petsmart that was about to expire so I bought Riley a new toy (a rope).  I needed something to attach things to my cubicle so I stopped at Staples (however not sure how well the adhesive strips are working may need to go back for straight pins).  I also saw Old Navy was having a crazy sale and I needed a white shirt to go with the skirt I was planning to wear on Sunday - ended up getting 3 shirts for about $30 not too bad.  For dinner I went to a place in the shopping plaza called NY Pie, they sell New York style pizza by the slice (or a whole one if you want), it was pretty good, not as good as real NY pizza but still pretty good.

Next Blog will contain a lot of pictures and videos from my 3 day Birthday extravaganza

Food: Baskin Robbins, Bruegger's Bagels, NY Pie (2 of the 3 I'd been to before)
Bars/Music: None

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